Apartment Heat Loss

 “Floors account for 10% of heat loss if not covered” –National Energy Foundation
We all know how costly it is to stay warm during the winter months. The more efficient you are at preventing heat loss, the more $$ you’ll save in your pocket! So what are the Do’s and Don’ts that will maximize your homes potential to retain heat?
·        Using aluminum foil behind radiators can reflect heat outwards into the room while deflecting it away from absorbing through the wall.
·        Place thick curtains with thermal lining on your windows. They don’t have to be expensive- even shower curtains can be substituted.
·        Adhere plastic film around windows and exposed air conditioners.
·        Wood floors, even with underlayment padding, allows for heat loss.  Placing an area rug over the center of the room, will help prevent heat from escaping, along with adding a decorative feature that will extend the life of the floor.
·        Do not block sunlight from shining through your apartment. Keep the shades open during the day to maximize the precious heating effects that natural light has to offer.
·        Don’t allow drafts to creep in around unsuspecting cracks. Window linings, unused fire places, floor boards, letterboxes on doors, and even key holes can be covered.
·        Closed baseboard vents will not allow the coils to be most effective.  Keep them in the open position, checking to see that the coils have not been painted or covered.
For questions or if you have any ideas we have not mentioned, please send us your thoughts.

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