Maximizing Apartment Space

How do you get rid of that cramped feeling in your apartment and those winter blues?
With spring around corner, we think, there are many ways to help alleviate this feeling.
A few techniques of many,  we picked out a few that will help create additional space in your apartment.

Angle Furniture in A Corner:  This not only creates a storage area but is blocks in a designated space where you can keep things that usually get move around.

Shelving:  Trade in that bulky end table and hutch for some wall shelving.  You can stay well organized without being weighed down!





Raise Your Bed: The higher the bed, the more discreet storage space there is for belongings







These ideas were designed to help people improve on organization, getting rid of mess and clutter, while maximizing precious apartment space.  We hope you found this useful and by all means, we encourage your opinions and ideas.  Take a moment to comment.



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