The commercial property investor ties up their available funds and credit facilities for the generation of income, normally from renting out the properties, though flipping them for resale is also a function employed by some. However, those who are buying commercial properties to generate income are finding RCAManagement LLC to be the go–to brokerage in the New York and Bayonne real estate markets.

The number of financial data points and calculations involved in the effective analysis of commercial investment property is a long list. I have experts on staff and at my disposal to work through those analysis and evaluation data points and to come out on the other end with a set of numbers you can trust. After all, there’s not much worse in commercial real estate investment than being locked in with a purchase and subsequently finding hidden costs and inefficiencies that dramatically reduce investment returns. Selling is usually not an easy or fast option, and holding a low–performing asset is stealing opportunities where the money could be better utilized.

I assist my commercial property investors to evaluate each property as regards value on the purchase end, suitability to their investment goals, market demographics and rental/lease rates, tenant demand, and lending options to reduce monthly outflow and increase positive cash flow. I also help my investors to project the appreciation potential of each property for more income at a future projected liquidation date.

I go one step further in helping my commercial property investors to connect with accounting and legal professionals who can help them to use tools like the 1031 Exchange to reduce or eliminate capital gains and enjoy other real estate investment ownership tax advantages.

You can’t go wrong by letting me consult with you on your needs, so give me a call at 201-339-7722, or email me to get the ball rolling.