The future of transportation has continued to evolve.  From the very first gas powered automobile built in the late 1800’s where gas went to an engine to move the car forward.   The invention of cruise control in 1948 became a necessity because someone became frustrated by his lawyers driving skills.  Today we now having the ability to leave all the controls in the hands of a computer.  Just step into a car, put in the coordinates and the car will drive itself.   Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a management company that made it this simple?

The answer is, it can be that simple.  RCA Management Properties has made handing over the keys to a management company as simple as providing the directions for your property’s future and allowing their experienced staff to follow the coordinates the board has laid out.   RCA Management Properties prides itself on utilizing available technology to empower property boards and management staff as a tool for better communication.  This results in cost reductions in the execution and meeting the board’s objectives.

Our expertise can be best defined as bringing efficiencies to our managed communities by holding each team member accountable including: Understanding competitive vendor relations, Operational staff wage management, Account staff financial transparency, Building compliance management, Reserve study budgeting, Reliable record storage, all with open communication between management and residents.

Our property management platform is geared towards what boards and their members or shareholders are looking for in the new age of property management.

If you respond yes to any of these questions you may be interested in a second opinion on your condo association or co-op management.

  • Is your managing agent slow to respond to board, shareholder, member or resident requests?
  • Is finding the transparency of the financial documents, vendor contracts, legal information or other important information a challenge to get from your property management company or managing agent?
  • Do you feel like the board works for the management company and not the other way around sometimes?
  • Has year end budget comparisons left you shaking your head?

Please click on the link below and someone from our management staff will reach out to you to schedule a brief presentation on the services we offer.